Thursday, December 27, 2007

DaMiEnS aLbUmS

Alicia Keys- As I Am

Britney Spears- Blackout

Ashley Tisdale- He Said She Said

Avril Lavinge- The Best Damn Thing

Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love

Justin Timberlake- Future/Sex/Love/Sounds

Rihsnna- Good Girl Gone Bad

Colby Cailet- Coco

Vannessa Hudgens- Say Ok

High School Musical 1/2

Kelly Clarkson- My December

Hannah Montana 1/2

Miley Cyrus- Meet Miley

Chris Brown- Exclusice

Hint Hint

Damiens got A New GF

starts with a S

ends with an A

Wow 2007 went so fast and Christmas was great i got






Musica Vouchers

xxx hope everyone has a great new years